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United Styles 5 DVD is out!

$50,000 in cash prizes?


United Styles 5 blew the lid off all other events in terms of cash prizes, and the event does not disappoint!

Featuring some great crews and great battles, Karmaloop and Floorlords really outdid themselves this time!


Zulu Gremlin BBoy Breaks CDs

Zulu Gremlin has been breakin since waaaay back in the day and throwing great events like BBoy Masters Pro Am, but did you know he also loves to lay down great beats?

Cypherstyles is proud to release BBoy Breaks 1, BBoy Breaks 2, BBoy Breaks 3 and BBoy MC Compilation 1 CDs, a great collection of original breaks and beats to get you movin and inspired for your next practice session or jam.

And dont forget to check out his Street Dance Fundamentals DVD, with great lessons for all the aspiring BBoys and BGirls out there!


UK BBoy Champ 2009 is out!

There’s only one post this week, but there’s only need for this one post:

UK BBoy Championships 2009 DVD is out!

It’s… well, it’s amazing!

I wish I had more to say, but damn it’s good!

Go check it out now!

(psst… now you can get the three biggest battles of the year all in one cheap pack with the 2009 BBoy Battle Pack… but don’t let anyone know I told ya bout it!)



It’s been a long time coming, but CypherStyles finally has BGirl DVD in stock.

Featuring some really good dancers, the real selling point for me on this one is that instead of having said good dancers in the background as the leads do some “okay” dancing, the good dancers ARE THE MAIN ACTORS!

I know, I know, you’re thinking “do I really wanna see dancers act?”, but trust me, it works.

And it’s really nice seeing a movie where someone took the time to focus on real quality dancing, and not just gut reaction “oh wow” type moves.

Just check out the trailer, I think that speaks better for the film than I ever will.